10 Brilliant Ideas for Landscaping a Slope on Your Property

landscaping a slope

Buying a house on a slope comes with tons of benefits like more natural light, gorgeous views, and walk-out basements.

However, sloped backyards are more difficult to landscape. Plus, if the slope is too steep it may even be dangerous to host people outside!

Landscaping a slope will also add significant value to your home. Keep reading for 10 sloped backyard ideas that will transform your space in no time. 

1. Add Stairs

A great way to make your sloped yard more accessible is by adding stairs so you and your guests can safely explore it. Opt for natural stone to create a more organic appearance. 

2. Bust Out the Tiers

Building tiers along with stairs is an excellent way to create new entertaining spaces in your yard. Add patio furniture and native plants to your tiered landscape to create intimate seating areas. 

3. Create a Firepit Alcove

Carve an alcove into your yard’s slope, then build a retaining wall to help the alcove maintain its shape. Next, use pavers to create a firepit. Finally, surround your new fire pit with some comfortable chairs to complete your cozy firepit alcove.

4. Build a Deck

Build a deck to maximize the usable square footage in your sloped yard. Decks can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your yard’s slope. 

A deck is a great way to expand your entertaining space while adding elegance to your yard.

4. Add a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a great way to improve the functionality and landscape of your yard. Begin by carving away a portion of the hill, then start building your wall to hold back the soil. 

When you’re done you have a beautiful garden behind the wall, and more usable, level ground. 

5. Plant a Garden

Many people use their slopping yards as inspiration for tiered gardens. You can use wood to create gorgeous tiered garden beds that perfectly compliment your yard’s natural landscape. 

6. Landscape with Natural Plants

It can be hard to plant a garden in a yard with a steep slope. Stick to native plants to ensure your landscaping thrives. You can also fill in empty space with landscaping rocks. 

8. Create a Waterfall

Use your yard’s natural slope to your advantage, and create a stunning waterfall. Carve into your yard’s slope to lay the internal structure of your waterfall. After the structure is set, lay your rubber liner then create the rock structure.

Finally, you have to hook up all the external water and electrical elements.

9. Install a Pool

You can use your sloped yard to create a nature-inspired oasis. Carve a large circle into your yard’s slope, and place your metal above-ground pool in this area. After you cover your pool with a liner, you will begin building the surrounding rock walls.

The end result is a dreamy above-ground pool surrounded by a natural rock formation.

10. Install a Climbing wall and Slide for the Kids

Use your yard’s slope to your advantage and create a climbing wall and slide for your kids.

It can be hard to find a level place to put outdoor play equipment in a sloped yard. Build your own rock wall and slide using the natural slope of your yard for height!

Enjoy Landscaping a Slope in Your Yard

There are tons of ways you can customize your sloped backyard for form and function. Landscaping a slope is a great way to add functional space to your backyard and prevent soil erosion. 

Contact us today for sloped backyard ideas for our home!