How Your Landscape Can Benefit From Drip Irrigation – What To Know

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For those who value their landscape and everything that thrives in it, nothing is ever more fulfilling than seeing luscious and healthy plants. To have an efficient source of water for your landscape, there is no better way than to have water directed to the straight to the roots, and drip irrigation does just that. But is drip irrigation the right choice for your landscape?

Drip irrigation is an economical and efficient way to water your garden and lawn. This watering option is becoming increasingly popular, as it is 90 percent more efficient than any other form of other irrigation systems. (Sprinklers, for instance, are only 60-75 percent efficient.) Plus, drip irrigation also reduces evaporation and run-off.

Here are five major benefits of drip irrigation for your landscape:

Water Conservation

One great benefit of drip irrigation is that it directly applies the water to the roots, where it is needed the most. Experts say that with drip irrigation, 20 to 50 percent of water is saved, mostly because this system provides deep percolation and greatly reduces surface run-off and soil evaporation.


Apart from water savings, drip irrigation can also help you save time, which you can spend with your family and on other important matters. Drip irrigation systems can be automatically set to daily or weekly watering, or at a specific time of day or night. Once the irrigation process is complete, the system will automatically shut off. Having this automatic system in place means you do not need to be physically present to oversee the process just to make sure that watering is done effectively. This kind of setting will also help keep water usage at a minimal level, ultimately lowering your costs (since less water will be utilized).

Easy Installation

Unlike traditional irrigation systems that involve pop-up heads or spray heads, a drip irrigation system can be moved and is not permanent. Installation does not require any deep excavating and does not disrupt the stability of the landscape bed.

Minimized Weed Growth

Drip irrigation specially installed and designed for your landscape will only water those surfaces that need it the most, like the plant roots. This eventually limits the growth of weeds in your garden. Simply put, drip irrigation only directs water to each root of the plants, and not through the entire garden.

Reduced Plant Disease

When foliage is constantly wet from spray heads or sprinklers, your plants are at higher risk of acquiring harmful diseases. This typically happens with the right temperature and water sitting on the leaves the whole night through. By displacing water where your plants needed it the most, you are minimizing the risk of these toxic plant diseases occurring.

Now that you have an idea of how drip irrigation can improve your landscape design, the next question is: “How do you install a system?”. 

Keep in mind, though, that before making any decision, know that like any irrigation system, drip irrigation requires maintenance and regular system flush-outs. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your options and install a drip irrigation system designed for your landscape needs. We’re happy to help.