Landscape Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 – What To Know

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In garden design, trends come and go. Last year, extravagant elements prevailed, but this year is the time where homeowners are predicted to take a step back and relish in simplicity. If you’re planning on upgrading your garden in the coming months, take note of these trends that will define landscape design in 2020:

Low Maintenance Lawns

A perfectly manicured green lawn will still be a hit this year. It may not have fancy trimmings and additional ornaments, but its sheer simplicity is enough to enhance the beauty of a property. You can never go wrong with a crisp green lawn that doesn’t need much tending to. After all, lawns can be costly to maintain, and having a no-frills garden can let you do away with overhead expenses.

Vertical Gardening

Apart from water savings, drip irrigation can also help you save time, which you can spend with your family and on other important matters. Drip irrigation systems can be automatically set to daily or weekly watering, or at a specific time of day or night. Once the irrigation process is complete, the system will automatically shut off. Having this automatic system in place means you do not need to be physically present to oversee the process just to make sure that watering is done effectively. This kind of setting will also help keep water usage at a minimal level, ultimately lowering your costs (since less water will be utilized).

Companion Planting

The concept of companion planting has been around for a few years now, but it may reach a fever pitch in 2020. For the uninitiated, companion planting is a practice in which you plant different species in close proximity. Not only can you enjoy biodiversity, but it will also increase crop productivity, reduce pests, prevent weeds, and attract pollinators. If you do it right, companion plants can flourish together as a collective.

Bringing The Indoors Outside

Those with a patch of garden or a patio may opt to consider it as an extension of their home. You can transform it by adding furniture like sofas, cushioned chairs, and throw pillows to make for a lovely multifunctional lounge. If you have ample space, you can also turn your garden into a separate dining area, an outdoor kitchen, or even a living room where you entertain your guests. Doing so can make you spend less time indoors and more time with nature.

Rooftop Or Balcony Gardens

In relation to outdoor living, those with rooftops or balconies may choose to transform it into viable spaces surrounded by greenery. Condominium and apartment dwellers may find it useful to upgrade their patios and turn them into areas to socialize and entertain visitors. If you’re living in the city, you may find this option preferable as it provides you with a touch of nature in the middle of a busy metropolis.

Technology-Powered Gardening

Who would have thought that technology can make landscape design easier? This year, you may take things up a notch and use mood-enhancing effects, phantom screens, and self-watering pots to beautify your garden and make it a bit more self-sufficient. You can also install a garden cam to keep tabs on your plants whenever you want, even when you’re out and about.

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