The Quick Guide to Landscape Lighting Design

landscape lighting design

When people shop for a new home, few people consider what the lawn may look like at night. Usually, they only see what homes may look like during the day and forget to check and see if it has good landscape lighting design. And after buying a house, many people want to design their own landscape styles.

However, outdoor lighting can be a complicated thing to work with. Most of the time, people can’t tell what lights may shine like during the day, so they may have difficulty placing lights the right way. However, good landscape lighting design will have incredible benefits for a home’s value and looks!

Keep reading below to learn more about landscape lighting design.

Landscape Lighting Design is About Thinking Ahead

When people start designing how their landscape’s lights will look, many forget a simple yet essential step — to think ahead. They most likely have plants and trees in their lawn, and those things grow over time. They change, and so the look of your landscape will change too.

Consider how things will grow and plan to trim as needed. Sometimes, you want vines and bushes to thrive and cast interesting shadows on your home. Most of the time though, you should put your lights in a place away from your plants.

Use Flowers That Look Well in the Light

Most people plant flowers on their front lawns to make their homes looks gorgeous. Usually, they pick flowers that work well during the season and fit the area. However, flowers can vary in shade, color, and length.

Different flowers can have different appearances in the light, and what you plant in the daytime may not look the same at night. That’s why it’s important to see all of your flowers in different lights before you buy them. Ask your florist if you can see the flowers in different shades before making a purchase, so you can be confident with what you buy.

Angle Your Lights to Show Off Your Best Features

Lighting is about highlighting specific parts of your home that you want to show off. It can be an intricate decoration that you hung by your front door or a detached gazebo on your lawn. It doesn’t matter what it is — with the right lights, anything will look beautiful.

Angled landscape lights can give a soft glow to whatever you want to show off. However, if you want to show off something small but impressive, like a statue or a fountain, you should go with a spotlight. There are tons of different landscape lights to help you create a beautiful lawn.

Good Lighting Design Helps You Stand Out

When you set up your landscape lighting design well, you will become the envy of your neighborhood. People will look at your house at night and marvel at how it shines like a star. And when you show off your home’s best features with outdoor lights and spotlights, neighbors will only ever see it in a good light.

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